Upgrading our web presence – optimising engagement with patients and surgeons

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2021-08-03

As a global leader in breast aesthetics, we strive to optimise the digital engagement with our target audiences. Recognising the changes in the digital needs and requirements of the POLYTECH patients and surgeon community over time, we have separated the site tree to optimise content for each of our target audiences:

We are committed to patient education, and the new patient website provides comprehensive content on:

  • Breast augmentation: Before, towards the surgery and post-surgical aftercare, see “My Breast Surgery” section
  • Breast reconstruction: The alternatives and methods, considerations, and options, see “Breast Reconstruction” section
  • Warranty: Information on our Implants of Excellence programme, advantages, terms, and registration process, see the “Warranty” page
  • FAQs: A new section for frequently asked questions, enabling to filter the questions by category of interest, see the “FAQs” section
  • Clinic finder: Search for POLYTECH surgeon near you, appearing on our clinic finder is voluntary and the service is available in certain countries only, “Locate a surgeon” 

For our surgeon community:

Looking for additional information on our surgeon community and how to become a customer?

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