IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE warranty programme

The IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE warranty programme was developed especially for patients with POLYTECH implants, offering an additional service of supply of replacement implant in specific cases (as listed below). 

The programme was developed to increase your satisfaction and boost your confidence when choosing POLYTECH implants. 
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POLYTECH is a leading manufacturer of breast and body contouring implants. All implants are manufactured with the utmost care and are of high quality. Through the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme, we document the performance of the POLYTECH implants since 2007 - for your safety. 

Online registration to the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme is free and must be completed within 6 months post-surgery. Registration to the programme and taking part in the annual patient survey, are preconditions to benefit from the programme.

The new conditions are valid from December 1st, 2020 and will apply retroactively to all registered patients.

This means that these new terms and conditions apply to future claims irrespectively of your registration date. However, any past claims that were decided in accordance with previous terms and conditions or which were not brought forth within the provided time limit, may not benefit from these new terms and conditions.

To register successfully, a verification process for your email address is necessary. 

  • First you will be asked to enter your email address and click on “Verify E-Mail”. 
  • Then you will receive an email with a verification code – which you need to enter into the next form field (double opt-in procedure). 
  • After adding your verification code, and by clicking “Submit”, your registration is complete, and you will receive your registration confirmation email.
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What are the benefits of the programme?

The IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme offers the following benefits:

Free exchange of implants in the event of a material-related loss of shell integrity (including contralateral breast adjustment in all cases diagnosed by a surgeon):

  • For lifetime, for all breast implants, with the following surfaces: MESMO®, Microthane®, POLYtxt®, POLYsmooothTM
  • For lifetime, for all gluteal implants


Breast implant replacement in the event of Baker III or IV capsular contracture:

  • Up to 10 years post-surgery for all breast implants with the following surfaces: MESMO®, POLYtxt®, POLYsmoooth™
  • For lifetime, including rotation, for all breast implants with a Microthane® surface


Important: Registration required - within 6 months post-op

Participation in the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme is voluntary and free of charge.

Make sure to complete your registration within 6 months post-surgery to benefit from the implant-replacement policy.

You can register online - please fill in the form in the following link:

Please make sure you register all the implants that were used in your surgery in the same online form. At the end of the registration procedure you should have one ID for the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme.

You will have successfully completed your registration only once you confirm your email address by following the instructions described above (double opt-in procedure).

You will also receive your personalised digital registration package consisting of:

  • Welcome Letter
  • Member Card (Imprinted in the Welcome Letter)
  • Warranty Certificate

Having difficulty registering? Contact us by mail at ioe[at]

The Annual Survey: the reason we ask you to register

The annual patient survey gives you an opportunity to comment on your quality of life with implants. Taking part in the annual surveys is a precondition to benefit from the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme and its replacement implant policy.

The questions are easy to answer. By answering the questionnaire, your participation in the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme will be extended by one year.

You will receive key highlights of the annual POLYTECH patient survey – we want you to be well informed about your implants.

NOTE: The Annual Survey is conducted every year around April or May. We contact registered patients, who had their surgery prior to March 31st of the previous year. Each year, you will receive new access data in your email invitation. If you have not received our email by the end of May, please contact us via: ioe[at]