Implants of Excellence warranty program

With Implants of Excellence, we document the performance of the POLYTECH silicone-gel-filled breast implants - for your safety. The program provides high personal safety for patients who have chosen our breast implants, ensuring the use of high quality materials available for breast implants.

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What are the benefits of the program?

For all types of POLYTECH breast implants, a lifetime of free replacement implant/s in case of implant-shell rupture.

Additionally, for POLYTECH Microthane® breast implants, free replacement implant/s in case of capsular contracture, dislocation, or rotation up to 10 years post-op.

Brochure: Implants of Excellence

Important: Registration required - within 6 months post-op

Do you want to participate in the Implants of Excellence program? Participation is voluntary and requires registration within 6 months post-surgery to benefit from the replacement-implant policy.

You can register online - please fill in the form in the following link:

Do you prefer to register via e-mail? Please download our information brochure. On page 13, you will find the registration form. You can print it, fill it manually (kindly take care to write readably) and send it to us: ioe[at] After a successful registration you will receive a personalized member card and warranty documents via standard mail.

The Annual Survey: the reason why we ask you to register

Your well-being is important to us. For that reason, we will contact you every year and invite you to participate in our annual survey. For that purpose, we need your permission to contact you.

This is easy - the questionnaire is personalized, and the questions are multiple choice and easy to answer. We're just interested in your post-op satisfaction levels. By answering the questionnaire, your participation in the Implants of Excellence program will be extended for one year.

By the way: in your e-mail invitation, you will also receive a small evaluation of our earlier surveys – we want you to be well informed about your implants.

NOTE: The Annual Survey is conducted every year around April or May. We contact all registered patients, who had their surgery prior to March 30th of the previous year. Each year, you receive new access data in your e-mail invitation. If you have not received our e-mail by the end of May please contact us via: ioe[at]