The right size, shape and style of your breast implants

Most women who are interested in breast augmentation want a natural look and an aesthetic balance of their body. Choosing the right implant shape and size is essential.

Trust your surgeon

Your surgeon will show you different types of breast implants and explain surgical techniques. Together, you can weigh the pros and cons and choose the best breast implants for your needs. During the consultation, speak openly with your surgeon and communicate your personal wishes and goals for the procedure. This is the only way to create realistic expectations. 

Your body is unique. When choosing an implant, it is important to consider your individual needs and characteristics. Take your surgeon's opinion seriously. A good surgeon has the know-how and experience to recommend the breast implants best suited for you: volume and size should match your physique, so the implants are comfortable over time. 

Shapes and types of breast implants

There are many different implants available, because every woman is unique, and each body is different. With so many available options, you and your surgeon can find the implant for you. 

Round Implants

Round implants simulate the breast of a young woman. They are evenly shaped in the upper and lower half.

Anatomical Implants

Anatomically shaped implants replicate the chest of an adult woman. Their upper half is a bit flatter, the lower half is rounder.


Incision and position of the breast implants

Breast implants can be inserted and placed in different ways. Where the incision is made depends on the results of your preliminary examination. The type of insertion and how the implants are positioned is determined by several factors: your anatomy, your personal preferences and your surgeon's recommendation. 

    The most common incision for breast augmentation. It lies in the fold below the breast. 
    A surgical incision in the armpit.
    A surgical incision at the areola.
    A surgical incision around the areola.