Post breast surgery

When choosing the date for your cosmetic surgery, it is important to plan for a sufficiently long recovery period after the procedure. Breast augmentation is a real surgery - with the possible related risks and consequences, including pain or scarring. And just like any other surgery, your body needs to heal afterwards. 

You may not feel well immediately after the operation. That is a normal response and is primarily caused by the remaining effects of the anaesthesia. The important thing is to give your body time to heal. 

Do not try to speed up the healing process. This is critical in any kind of surgery. 

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Average recovery time

Take the recovery period seriously. Post-surgery, focus on your recovery. Help your body heal.

Follow the instructions of your surgeon

Your surgeon will instruct you on care after surgery. If you have questions or do not fully understand instructions, don't hesitate to contact your surgeon.

Bathing & showering

Be careful to keep the incision dry. Water may break the wound, which can affect the formation of new skin. Brief showering is generally okay, but since you will be weakened after surgery, you might feel dizzy. 

When you are showering, it is best to sit on a plastic chair. You may want to clean yourself with wash cloths and shower again only after you have regained your strength.

Compression clothing

Even if they are sometimes uncomfortable, if recommended by your surgeon, always wear your compression clothing and surgical bra. Around the clock - remove only when showering. 

Exhaustion after the operation

It is normal to feel tired after an operation. As with any surgeries, some pain is natural. With enough rest and a healthy diet you may soon feel better. Get up every 2-3 hours and walk a few steps, this promotes healing and increases energy. Visit the bathroom regularly. 

Again: No smoking!

Smoking slows down the healing process and increases the risk of complications.

Be patient

Give your body the time it needs to get used to your new reality. Though your breast augmentation is immediately visible, the final shape and size of the new breast is often revealed after six months. Be patient also with your breast surgery scars. While they heal, a slight redness is quite normal. 


Enjoy your recovery time. Read or meditate, watch a few movies, or sleep in. Sleep is the best and most natural form of recovery.