Important information about breast augmentation and aesthetic surgery

Being happy with how your body looks can positively affect your self-image, self-confidence and your quality of life. Aesthetic surgery, such as breast augmentation, can have a significant contribution to your self-confidence. 

There are many individual reasons why women choose breast augmentation: restore the volume of their breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding, compensate for congenital or disease-related effects, and in general feel better in their own body.

However, as in any surgical procedure - plastic surgery should be thoroughly considered. 

Review the components and safety measures that modern breast implants offer. The more you engage with the topic, the more realistic your expectations are.

Breast Surgery - A well-considered decision

Plastic surgery is a real operation and should be thoughtfully undertaken. Take the time to make the right choice and find the right aesthetic surgeon. It is your body and your decision, and you are best able to make those decisions when you are well-informed and fully engaged with the topic. 

Ask your surgeon about the types of breast implants available. The more you engage with the topic, the more realistic your expectations are.

The Difference Between Aesthetic and Reconstructive Surgery

Plastic surgery is divided into two categories: Aesthetic and Reconstructive plastic surgery. Here is how they differ:

Aesthetic plastic surgery

The goal of cosmetic or aesthetic plastic surgery is to shape parts of the body differently. In most countries, the costs of these procedures are privately paid by the patients. 

All aesthetic surgery methods, techniques and applications are designed to enhance the patient's appearance, for example by adjusting symmetry, balance and proportions. Patients often undertake these procedures with the goal of increasing their confidence and feel better in their own body.

Reconstructive plastic surgery

The aim of reconstructive plastic surgery is to restore the form, function, and the aesthetic appearance of the body, following trauma, cancer or congenital malformations. As in cosmetic plastic surgery, patients consciously opt for surgery. However, as the surgery is associated with health issues, the costs of interventions in many countries are covered by health insurance.

Reconstructing a breast after cancer surgery is one of the most common procedures. Such breast surgeries are an important contribution to the wellbeing of affected women, promoting a better quality of life.