Pre-breast surgery considerations: From risks to costs

Are you ready for your change?

Take as much time as you need to make your decision. You should have realistic expectations as to what cosmetic surgery can do, where your limitations are, and what the risks of breast augmentation are. Any operation is exhausting for your body and mind. Trust your surgeon, to determine if you are physically and mentally suitable. 

It is quite normal to be nervous before a change such as this. Talk openly with your surgeon about your feelings and clarify all questions in advance. At the same time, you should not feel compelled to undergo plastic surgery just because you had a consultation with a surgeon. You can always decide against it - no pressure. 


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What are the costs of breast surgery?

You should never choose plastic surgery to please someone, but only to feel more comfortable with your body. It's about your health - and that's your most valuable asset. Therefore, you should not be tempted by cheap breast surgery costs. If you cannot afford surgery with your preferred surgeon, you should delay moving forward with your plans rather than switching to another surgeon. If you are looking for cheap deals on cosmetic surgery, remember that you should never skimp on safety, your health, or the quality of the surgery. Don't compromise your health - even if the cost of breast surgery is extremely favourable.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding

If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, it is recommended to postpone the procedure until your breasts regain their usual size and shape. Breast implants should not affect your ability to breastfeed. Nevertheless, you should inform your surgeon about your plans at an early stage so that he/she can plan the procedure accordingly. It is often advisable to perform breast augmentation only after pregnancy. Even if the changes in your body have no effect on the implants themselves, pregnancy can have a lasting effect on the shape of your breasts.


Are you under 20?

If you are under 20 years of age and are considering breast augmentation, it is recommended to take your time. For best results, a woman should wait until her breasts are fully developed and then make a decision. 



Plan for the future

If you plan to lose weight or get pregnant, it is advisable to postpone your plastic surgery. Although weight changes do not affect the implants themselves, they can alter the way your breasts look.



Do you have health problems?

Cosmetic surgery is stressful for your body and should only be considered if you are in good health. If you suffer from any health concerns that could put you at risk during breast surgery, your surgeon may decide to postpone or even refuse to perform the procedure. Make sure to provide your surgeon with full information on your health, to allow an in-depth assessment of your case.