Your journey through breast aesthetics

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For most patients, choosing to undergo a breast aesthetic procedure is not a light decision or a short journey, and can take between 1 – 7 years.

Providing comprehensive and educational information for patients is something we are very passionate about. This informative content accompanies patients throughout their aesthetic journey, from the early stages of consideration and research and up to aftercare and general health with implants.

POLYTECH engages with over 700,000 followers daily in our social channels, patient website and blog, offering informative content on breast augmentation or reconstruction and also the possibility to visit our global clinic finder.

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During consultation, your surgeon may present some demonstrative tools such as implant samples and external sizers or offer further information on breast augmentation or reconstruction in the form of informative brochures or waiting room videos.

Choosing the right surgeon


Our patient website offers information about the Made in Germany product quality, as well as our meticulous testing and safety measures. Patients can locate surgeons in several global locations using our Clinic finder

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Desired outcome for patients and surgeons:

Beautiful Breasts over Time


Patients register to our IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE warranty programme for confidence and satisfaction over time. On our patient website and blog we offer informative aftercare content, as well as dedicated campaigns for women’s health and wellbeing.

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