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POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics combines pioneering innovation with precision craftsmanship to achieve higher standards in breast aesthetics, reconstruction and body contouring. With over 35 years at the forefront of our industry, and millions of implants produced, we empower patients and surgeons worldwide to achieve their aspirations with confidence. Our Value Proposition >>


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As a leading manufacturer of silicone breast implants, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and accompanying your personal journey. We design and develop high quality products to meet your personal beauty goals and preferences. Every person is unique, and all breast surgery considerations are individual.

Learn more about your breast augmentation surgery: considerations before the procedure, towards the surgery, and post breast surgery aftercare.

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Facts about Breast Augmentation


of patients are very satisfied or satisfied with their results


say their quality of life has improved or remained stable


state that their breasts feel natural and soft


Feeling whole again

Patient Information on Breast Reconstruction

Breast reconstruction surgery aims to restore the aesthetic appearance of the breast, following trauma, congenital malformations, or most commonly, tissue loss related to breast cancer surgical treatments. The procedure goal is to create breasts that look as natural as possible.

Learn more about the possibilities for breast reconstruction and the wide variety of choices available.

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The IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE warranty programme was developed especially for patients with POLYTECH implants, offering an additional service of supply of replacement implant in specific cases. 

The breasts implant and gluteal implant warranty programme was developed to increase your satisfaction and boost your confidence when choosing POLYTECH implants.

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