Capsular contracture

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2018-06-08

What is capsular contracture? Can I do something to prevent it?

Within its natural healing process, our body creates scar tissue around a wounded area. The same reaction is triggered when a foreign body is inserted, one which the body cannot digest or expel - formatting a capsule of tissue fibres. This is the natural reaction with a breast implant: the body's immune system recognizes it as a foreign body and "wraps" it in tissue. The formation of a capsule around an implant is therefore normal, to a certain degree.

What is a capsular contracture?

The capsule that the body creates around an implant consists of tissue fibres. These fibres can contract and result in a hardening of the capsule. Depending on the intensity (or grades) of the contracture, this can cause pain and compromise the aesthetically result.

Capsular contractures are classified in four grades called the Baker grade.

What can I do to prevent a capsular contracture from happening?

First and foremost, choose an experienced surgeon whom you trust and whose sense of beauty corresponds with yours. Select a high-quality breast implant. With these two choices alone, you can significantly reduce the risk.

Your surgeon will explain more how the implant surface plays a crucial role in how well your body will accept the implant. Implants with microtextured surface (Mesmo®sensitive, POLYtxt®) and implants covered with Microthane® will reduce the risk of capsular contracture – especially Microthane® implants as recent studies showed*. Moreover, these implants contribute to an overall lower complication rate, also with regard to implant dislocation and rotation.

Exchange warranty

At POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics, we are proud of our quality. We manufacture all our products in Germany according to the highest quality standards. Because of our expertise, we have put in place the "Implants of Excellence" warranty program for our breast implants. It covers free replacement implants in case of shell rupture. And for Microthane® implants, we have a special add-on: free replacement implants in case of capsular contracture, dislocation, or rotation.

Please note that as of March 1, 2019, the terms of Implants of Excellence have changed. For more details click here >>