Patient Warranty - IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE Programme

Our commitment to your choice

When choosing POLYTECH implants, you also choose to offer your patients the benefits of the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme: 

IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE is both a warranty programme for the lifetime of an implant, and one of the largest and longest running patient feedback programmes of its kind in the world. It is one of POLYTECH's core activities for enhanced safety: a Post Market Suveillance programme since 2007, a long while before PMS became a legal obligation. 

Support patient confidence and engagement


Lifetime implant replacement in the event of material related rupture


The patient annual survey contribute to progress in the field of breast implants


Patient communication materials for download

In order to promote patient registration, we have multiple supportive materials available for you, including:

  • Waiting room videos
  • Patient information brochure for IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE
  • Digital banners and more supportive materials

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Benefits for patients

The IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme aim to enhance patient satisfaction and boost confidence, offering the following patient-benefits:

Free exchange of implants in the event of a material-related loss of shell integrity (including contralateral breast adjustment in all cases diagnosed by a surgeon):

  • For lifetime, for all breast implants, with the following surfaces: MESMO®, Microthane®, POLYtxt®, POLYsmooothTM
  • For lifetime, for all gluteal implants


Breast implant replacement in the event of Baker III or IV capsular contracture:

  • Up to 10 years post-surgery for all breast implants with the following surfaces: MESMO®, POLYtxt®, POLYsmoooth™
  • For lifetime, including rotation, for all breast implants with a Microthane® surface

Download: Warranty Brochure for Surgeons 

Ensure your patients register to enjoy the benefits

Note: Registration to the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme is mandatory and must be completed within six months post-surgery.

Prompt your patients to register and enjoy the benefits of the programme.

The programme covers all indications mentioned in the instructions for use, e.g. augmentation and reconstruction of breast and buttocks as well as breast and buttocks lift with implants.

What will your patients receive?

After registering online, your patient will receive the following materials
digitally or by post:

    Confirmation of registration
    Contains details of the patients’ implants
    Personal document containing the full information regarding the implants and operation
    Details of the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme

Please note: All documents are sent digitally, unless postal delivery is requested in the registration process.

For more patient information and FAQs see the Warranty page for Patients