Our pectoral implants - Breast implants for men

Even though they sound identical at first, breast implants for men are significantly different from implants for women. Instead of soft connective tissue, they simulate a muscle. More precisely, the pectoralis muscle. This ensures many special features in their shape and feel.

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Artificial breast for men

While in women the nipple ideally sits optically in the middle of the breast and an implant is distributed approximately equally over the top and bottom, the pectoralis muscle in males runs from the armpit to the sternum from the bottom of the nipple to the top. In addition, breast implants for men are shaped differently or inversely for each side of the body and filled with stronger silicone gel to mimic the male chest muscles and make the artificial breast look natural for men.

Regardless of whether the effect of muscle training is visually enhanced or whether accidental or congenital characteristics are to be compensated - POLYTECH has breast implants for men's every need.