Our breast expanders

Breast expanders are very special implants that serve a purpose other than normal breast implants: they are primarily used in breast reconstruction after cancer surgery and prepare the body to receive the final implants. Therefore, they are only used temporarily. 

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To preserve the tissue, breast expanders are used unfilled. Then they are filled to the desired volume. POLYTECH manufactures a wide range of breast expanders, offering a variety of solutions for the patient's individual needs.

We focus mainly on anatomical breast expanders, because the most aesthetic results can be achieved with them. The shape of our breast expander is adapted to the models of our SublimeLine. For this reason, they are the same as the corresponding implants: Meme®, Replicon®, Opticon® and Optimam®.

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All POLYTECH breast expanders have a reinforced base to increase their stability and stretch the skin. In addition, part of the front of the Opticon® Expander is reinforced to ensure primary expansion in the lower segment. For the MeshForce™ expanders, the reinforcement runs all the way down the back and half of the front to resist excessive stretch in the upper segment.

The surface of our expanders is textured (POLYtxt®). They are available with a remote valve or an integrated valve equipped with a permanent magnet. To locate the internal valve, each expander comes with a magnet finder.