Innovations for high quality breast implants

We are always thinking one step ahead. In developing our breast implants and other silicone implants, we combine innovative technologies targeting the wishes and experience of surgeons and their patients. The result is implants which set standard in terms of quality, safety and innovation.

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B-Lite® implants

Good examples are our Microthane® and Diagon\Gel® products and, above all, the new B-Lite® breast implants. Up to 30% lighter than conventional implants, B-Lite® offer the same fullness and shape as much heavier models. B-Lite® implants reduce the burden on the body, and bring meaningful innovation in the world of breast implants.

More information about the unique lightweight B-Lite® implants can be found here

Research & development at POLYTECH

We are focused, and committed to innovation in our field. That is why we never stand still and are constantly promoting our research and development. We also invest in clinical trials and offer special training for surgeons to help them achieve the best results with our implants.