The development of POLYTECH and our implants

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POLYTECH is founded near Dieburg, close to Frankfurt am Main. The company initially focused on the distribution of medical products for conservative orthopedic treatment and compression garments for burn victims.


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The US medical device manufacturer Cooper Surgical and its affiliates Aesthetech and Natural Y commission POLYTECH to investigate by means of a qualitative and quantitative market assessment whether it would be worth expanding into the German market for breast implants.
POLYTECH starts selling breast implants in Germany.

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POLYTECH expands its product portfolio: In addition to breast implants, it now includes calf implants and buttock implants. At this time, they are still manufactured in Brazil.

POLYTECH introduces the implant passport.


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POLYTECH expands cooperation with distribution partners, thereby extending its distribution throughout Europe.
Broadening of marketing and sales activities.


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Since 1995, POLYTECH products have been allowed to bear the CE mark.
In 2003, POLYTECH is the first company in the world to receive approval for Class III certification for breast implants.


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All production operations are relocated to Dieburg. Marketing and distribution operations are expanded and targeted at the international market.

The company changes its name to POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics.


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A distribution network is established in the Asia-Pacific Region with a focus on Australia, New Zealand, Vietman and Malaysia. 


POLYTECH celebrates its 25th anniversary.

The distribution structures in Central and South America are expanded and consolidated, and market entry into China is being prepared.


The existing production facilities are modernised and preparations are being made for a sustainable expansion of capacity. 


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The existing capacity is increased by 50%.

POLYTECH increases its distribution network in the EMEA and in Central America.


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POLYTECH strengthens its international distribution team and fills two management posts for South America and Asia. At the same time, the German sales and customer service team are expanded.

Product authorization in China is being prepared.

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POLYTECH expands the Dieburg production site by 800 square meters.

30 new employees are hired at the company headquarters in Dieburg and the increase in areas of production, approval and quality management is initiated.

A new CEO takes over the leadership of POLYTECH.

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POLYTECH receives approval for the sale of breast implants in China.
The expansion of the distribution network in Asia is being prepared; focus is on Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand and Malaysia. 

To promote the growth of the company, Deutsche Beteiligungs AG (DBAG) acquires a majority stake in POLYTECH as part of a management buyout. The new company owners set the course for future growth and profitability.

The first long term study on "The Modern Polyurethane Coated Implants in Breast Augmentation" is published. 

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The expansion of the production facilities in Dieburg is completed and operations start in the new clean rooms.

A clinical study on an innovative silk protein coating for implant surfaces, which was developed together with the company AMSilk, is prepared.

A long-term study on the tolerability of polyurethane implants in breast reconstruction is published, followed by a study on the compatibility of our implants in breast augmentation.

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The collaboration between POLYTECH and AMSilk, the world's first industrial manufacturer of synthetic silk biopolymers for medical devices, leads to the first human clinical safety trial of silk-coated silicone implants in Europe.

POLYTECH acquires G&G Biotechnology and thereby acquires the rights to B-Lite® lightweight breast implants. Even before the acquisition, POLYTECH was involved in the development of this lightweight breast implant. It is manufactured in Dieburg from the very beginning.