Our breast implants - safe and unique

POLYTECH combines high quality standards with a unique product variety. Breast implants are categorised as class III medical device, and are therefore among the most strictly controlled products on the market.

We are greatly appreciative of this control and are aware of our responsibility. To meet our high standards, we produce breast implants exclusively in Germany. Every single breast implant undergoes a thorough examination before it is released to the market. 

When patients and their surgeons select the breast implant that is best suited to their needs, they can rest assured of having a body-friendly and safe product – regardless of the shape, size or surface chosen.

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The Filler

The filling of our breast implants

POLYTECH breast implants are filled with special silicone gels approved for long-term implantation. These gels are cohesive and uniquely cross-linked, allowing the gel to remain in the shell, even in the chance of a rupture. It also makes our breast implants form-stable - if you change the form with moderate pressure, they will return to their original shape.


The Shell

The shell of our breast implants

Our implant filling is not the only high-quality component. In all breast implants, the high-quality shell is made of silicone elastomer, a high-performance material that is particularly resistant to chemical and mechanical effects. Composed of different layers, the shell has a well-defined structure with a special barrier layer that prevents the silicone oils from migrating.

The Surface

The surface of our breast implants

The implant of choice is always the one that best suits the patient. That is why we offer a large variety of over 2,000 implant variants to tailor the breast implant to your individual needs. The same applies to the surface of our products, which are available in four different types. We develop breast implants with smooth or textured surfaces, and also with polyurethane foam coating. The brand names of our surfaces are POLYsmoooth ™ for smooth, MESMO® for a soft microtexture, POLYtxt® for a microtexture with a slightly more textured feel and Microthane® for the micropolyurethane foam coating. Breast implants with Microthane® surface, in particular, contribute to a significant reduction in capsular contracture rates(1, 2)

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