Our testicular implants

The loss of a testicle, due to an accident, a congenital defect, or testicular cancer, often represents a major change in the lives of those affected. With our testicular implants, we want to give men the opportunity to compensate for this loss visually and to create new self-confidence and a better quality of life. 

Testicular implants from POLYTECH are naturally shaped and fit seamlessly into a man's appearance. This allows patients to feel just like themselves in the sauna or after exercise and to avoid unpleasant situations. 

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Testicular implants - an unjust taboo

Although testicular implants are a comparatively simple solution for men who suffer from the loss of a testicle, many men are unaware that testicular implants exist. Mostly because those affected don't like to talk about it, and our society is not as open about the issue as it is about other implants.

The procedure has long been well-established. We advise those affected to simply talk to a surgeon about the option of testicular implants.