Our skin expanders

Skin expanders are mainly used in reconstructive plastic surgery in order to gain new tissue and thus to remedy accident-related defects.

In principle, skin expanders are also implants, but they are only used temporarily in the so-called donor region. Expanders have a similar function as a balloon: when implanted, they are initially quite flat and then gradually, over several weeks or months, filled through a valve. This process exerts pressure or pulling on the skin and promotes the emergence of new cells and new tissue. Once sufficient tissue has formed, it can be transplanted to a different location on the body.

Depending on the required amount of new tissue in the target region, expanders in different shapes and sizes are used. POLYTECH has developed a large selection of products for this purpose. They are round, crescent-shaped, square or rectangular - with a remote valve or an integrated valve. Inside, all our expanders are equipped with a reinforced base to control the expansion of the skin in the right direction. 

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