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Today, beauty is defined much more individually than in the past. Buttock augmentation for women and men now belongs within the standard range of plastic surgery - whether with autologous fat or buttock implants. POLYTECH offers a selection of buttock implants (gluteal implants) to achieve your patients' beauty ideals.

These implants are named after the muscle whose shape they simulate, the gluteus muscle. With this implant, a flat, asymmetrical or hanging butt can be contoured aesthetically and compensate for congenital or accidental characteristics. We offer gluteal implants in a variety of sizes with round or elliptical shape. This allows patients and surgeons to work together to find the buttock implant that best suits the patient's body.

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If you would like to learn more about the insertion of buttock implants, we recommend our English-language webinar on gluteal implants:
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Buttock implants with high durability

Our buttock implants are filled with a strongly cross-linked, stable silicone gel that feels like a muscle. In addition, they have a particularly resistant shell, so they can withstand heavy loads and at the same time allow for comfortable sitting.

Buttock implants can be used in different ways in the body. The appropriate surgical technique depends on the results of the preliminary examination and the patient's personal preferences. Modern methods have made the procedure much easier today than it was some time ago.