A Meeting of Minds in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2024-03-21

Yesterday, POLYTECH's CEO, Prof. Dr. Karsten Hemmrich, met with Dr. Constantin Stan, a world-renowned plastic surgeon and avid innovator and educator, in his avant-garde clinics in Bucharest. The visit, which was organised with the invaluable support of Vivian Breinhild, our Head of Sales for EMEA/Asia/Pacific, served as a profound source of inspiration. 
Dr. Stan's pioneering work, notably his invention of a breast implant filled with a bi-phasic gel - the Diagon\Gel® implant has expanded the horizons in breast surgery. His unwavering commitment to refining surgical techniques through his signature multiplane approach is globally recognised and mirrors our own dedication to advancing medical science. 
Dr. Stan extends his influence beyond surgery, having established a network of 8 clinics across Romania. His role in educating over 600 international surgeons on breast enhancement further underscores his significant impact on aesthetic medicine and surgery. We, at POLYTECH, are proud to have supported these educational programs for the past 15 years together with Dr. Stan in Bucharest alongside a series of webinars featuring Dr. Stan with our Polytech Bright Talents. 
At POLYTECH, we deeply value Dr. Stan's contributions to continuous innovation, learning, and collaboration, which are pivotal in extending the limits of what's achievable in medical practices. 
Looking ahead, the collaboration between POLYTECH and Dr. Stan's network has the potential to not only advance surgical techniques but also elevate global patient care standards. 
Together, we are not merely shaping the future of aesthetic medicine; we are redefining it.