MyPOLYTECH and POLYTECHconnect Academy Legal Notice

MyPOLYTECH  and POLYTECHconnect Academy platforms belongs to POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH (hereinafter, POLYTECH).
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These platforms are destined exclusively for POLYTECH Employees and Collaborators, for POLYTECH Distributors and their authorised personnel and for Surgeons and Clinics and their authorised personnel. By accessing, you confirm you are an intended user and you undertake to prevent access with your credentials by any unauthorised or unintended users.


Materials available on this platform are copyright-protected and either belong to POLYTECH or are available here with the permission of the owner, granted to POLYTECH.

Except for banners, you hereby undertake to use the images, on any media and for any legitimate and allowed purpose, with the addition of the following note, which is an integral part of this policy of use: “These images and photographs are proprietary and copyright protected and may only be used, processed further or duplicated by third parties with the prior written, express and specific consent of the copyright holder.”

Use of Materials

Please note that the advertisement to the public of the performance and safety of implantable medical devices is strictly regulated and often prohibited. See also section “Compliance” below. In general, the following applies:

- images: Images where no claims on product performance and safety are included (so called image promotion or institutional promotion), may be used without restrictions, as long as they are used in the appropriate form and context. Any images of models do not necessarily represent individuals who have undergone plastic surgery with implants, do not constitute any prevision or promise of a cosmetic result and may not be used as such.
- videos and written materials: unless otherwise expressly and specifically indicated, POLYTECH videos and written materials may not be posted or shared on the internet, whether on websites or social media. No video or written material of POLYTECH may be modified, translated, formatted or copied in any way without POLYTECH’s prior consent. This applies whether or not the material is protected via digital rights management.

Please make sure to check your applicable local regulations and, if you are a medical professional, the guidelines of your medical association for the proper use of any of these materials. 

If a video or material is not available in your language, or if you are interested in a different format, please contact POLYTECH to check available options.

Compliance and Indemnification clause

The medical and surgical information in the educational courses and materials available on this platform is based on the personal expertise, knowledge and opinion of the respective speaker, who is responsible for the accuracy, correctness and completeness of such information and the data contained therein. While POLYTECH promotes the general diffusion of education and product training, it does not necessarily share or endorse such views. 

You undertake to use the materials herein available in accordance with any international and/or local regulation on advertisement in general and on the advertisement of medical devices in particular, and with any other regulation that may apply in your place of residence or business and/or to your business and/or the business you work for, and/or to your person and/or to the used media and media channels. On your and on your employer or principal’s behalf, you undertake to hold POLYTECH harmless and indemnified from any improper use and its possible administrative, civil and criminal consequences.

You further undertake to use the materials herein available according to POLYTECH’s Style Guide and to the POLYTECH’s Code of Conduct.


The above rules and undertakings apply whether or not any material available on these platforms bears any implicit or explicit references to, or brand names and logos of POLYTECH.
The above rules and undertakings apply also to materials previously downloaded from these platforms.