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Every person is unique, each with their personal concept of aesthetic beauty: which characteristics define good looks, and what makes a body special. We believe in this diversity and work to promote it. As one of the leading manufacturers of high quality breast implants and other silicone implants, POLYTECH develops quality products designed to meet each patient’s personal preferences. 

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Over 2,000 different breast implants

Our patient diversity and unique beauty is why we offer a wide range of quality implants, tailored to the specific needs of varying patients: Our patients can choose from over 2,000 variants of high quality breast implants for women, a range of pectoral and testicular implants for men, and buttock and calf implants for all genders. This allows both surgeon and patient to choose the right implant together, ensuring the perfect fit. 

We also manufacture custom products and offer additional products, such as breast and tissue expanders, compression bras, silicone gel and silicone gel sheets for scar treatment. 


Our commitment to quality: Breast implants made in Germany

At POLYTECH, patient safety comes first. We are the only manufacturer of silicone implants that manufactures exclusively in Germany - we can guarantee the highest quality standards as well as the safety of our implants. 

We strive for perfection. We are constantly investing in research and in new technologies to continuously develop our company and the quality of our breast implants and other products. An open dialogue with surgeons and also with patients plays an important part in this development. We strive to learn from each dialogue while offering feedback and support, sharing the knowledge gained from over 30 years of experience. 

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