Our commitment to patient safety – Today, September 17, is World Patient Safety Day

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2023-09-06


What is “World Patient Safety Day”?

The “World Patient Safety Day” is an initiative by the WHO (World Health Organization) and is celebrated since 2019. By establishing this occasion, the WHO calls for “Global solidarity and concerted action by all countries and international partners to improve patient safety”.1

The WHO announced that the theme of World Patient Safety Day in 2023 will be "Engaging patients for patient safety", in recognition of the crucial role patients, families and caregivers play in the safety of health care.2
Through the slogan “Elevate the voice of patients!”, WHO calls on all stakeholders to take necessary action to ensure that patients are active partners in their own care.2 


POLYTECH’s commitment to patient safety

Over the span of 36 years, our commitment to patient safety has led our path. In a world where aesthetic and reconstructive procedures have the ability to empower individuals, we recognise the profound impact our products can have on the lives of patients. 
Evidence shows that when patients are treated as partners in their care, significant gains are made in safety, patient satisfaction and health outcomes.2

At POLYTECH, we strive for excellence and have continuously pushed the boundaries of innovation while never compromising on the safety and wellbeing of the patients that choose to trust in our products. In honour of the 2023 World Patient Safety Day, here are some examples of POLYTECH’s continuous efforts to place patient safety at the top of our list:

1. Rigorous Research and Development: 

Patient safety starts long before an implant is used. Our commitment to research and development has enabled us to produce implants that meet high safety standards and are not only safe but also innovative. A broad and innovative portfolio is key to offer solutions that embrace patient diversity, both in terms of their medical needs and their aesthetic wishes.

2. Empowering patients: 

We introduced the Implant passport in 1995, even before it became a requirement. Our goal was to increase transparency and provide patients with important details regarding their implants. Nowadays, industry standards and regulations demand that patients who receive an implant also receive an implant passport that contains essential information about their implants, with unique identifiers. The implant passport should be carried by the patient at all times. It should be shown to healthcare professionals in case of mammograms or other investigations and procedures. Emergency personnel will check for it in case of accidents or events requiring cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).


3. Pioneering the way: 

Since 1995 POLYTECH products have been allowed to bear the CE mark. In 2003, we became the first company to obtain Class III CE certification for breast implants. According to EU regulations, Class III is the highest medical device category. Implants undergo strict quality and safety tests before being released for distribution. The certification and annual review are performed by an independent notified body that is officially accredited by national health authorities within the European Union.

4. Ongoing surveillance: 

Since 2007, we have been conducting the "Implants of Excellence" post-market active surveillance study. This is our commitment to continuously monitor and evaluate the performance and safety of our implants. Every year, we update participating patients on the results of the study. Patients who register and participate in the annual surveys benefit from the IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme and its replacement implant policy. In December 2019, we decided to offer even more benefits than before, by including more implants within the scope of the programme and extending the duration of coverage to a lifetime, in case of capsular contracture Baker grade III-IV with Microthane® breast implants. 

5. 360º information for patients: 

We have the largest social media community in breast aesthetics. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube for daily information on our breast implants, breast health and life with implants.
Our patient website provides comprehensive patient education materials for the different stages in the patient’s journey: research, considerations before the surgery, towards the operation, post-surgical recovery and breast surgery aftercare. In our blog we offer additional content on topics that aim to help patients make informed decisions. 

6. Educating the experts: 

We have developed comprehensive educational programs for surgeons. By sharing knowledge about the use of our products and promoting best practices, our aim is to benefit patients. Our efforts include cooperation with international societies, participation in congresses and hosting of professional workshops, webinars and online courses for surgeons around the world as well as a dedicated digital platform. POLYTECH is a Platinum global sponsor of ISAPS and a Diamond global sponsor of FILACP associations.