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B-Lite® Instructions for Use (eIFU)

The Legal Manufacturer is G&G Biotechnology Ltd.

Company information:

G&G Biotechnology Ltd.
Ben Gurion Str. 4
3541415 Haifa
Phone: +972-722411600
Fax: +972-48550929
Email: info[at]b-lite.com
ID-Number: 513823120
CEO: Dael Govreen-Segal

Authorized representative:

MedNet EC-REP GmbH 
Borkstrasse 10, 48163 Muenster, Germany

In this page you will find the digital (electronic) versions of our Instructions for Use. 

Choose your product and country and download the electronic version of the B-Lite® electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU). We recommend carefully reading the product eIFU before using the product and keeping them readily available during use in every procedure. eIFU are a valuable tool and source of information in the consultation phase with the patient.

Products are meant for use by a qualified surgeon.

Note: The IFUs may be revised from time to time, please refer to this web page for the most current version at the time before the procedure. The eIFU available here are the only official eIFU for B-Lite® products. G&G Biotechnology is not responsible for any other documents that may be available online.

Are you having difficulties accessing documents or need a printed version? Contact us and we will send it to you via email or via regular mail service. Please note that the printed version will be sent to you via regular mail free of charge. This may take up to 7 calendar days .

The files are in PDF format. If you do not have a PDF Reader installed on your computer, you can download it from Adobe for free.

Choose your product and country and download the electronic version of the B-Lite® electronic Instructions for Use (eIFU):

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