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Directores Generales

Prof. Dr. Karsten Hemmrich -

Prof. Dr. Karsten Hemmrich

Dr. Markus Neuhauser -

Dr. Markus Neuhauser


Dr. Oliver Bögershausen  -
Head of Global Quality & Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Oliver Bögershausen

Johan Smit -
Head of Global Production

Johan Smit

Dael Govreen Segal -
Head of R&D

Dael Govreen Segal

Vicky Rittinghaus -
Head of Global HR

Vicky Rittinghaus

Michael Coors (ext.) -
Head of IT

Michael Coors (ext.)

Paul Mooney -
Head of Global Marketing

Paul Mooney

Dr. Luana Clerico (ext.) -
Clinical & Medical Affairs

Dr. Luana Clerico (ext.)