The POLYTECH surfaces in detail


Microthane® is a micropolyurethane foam coated shell surface for breast implants. At POLYTECH, we use extra-fine medical grade polyurethane foam, which is approved for long-term implantation. It has an average roughness of 1500 microns. 

For textured or smooth implants, the body forms a large capsule around the foreign body. When the tissue grows into the foam, however, many small capsules, so-called microcapsules, are formed; this reduces the risk of capsular fibrosis / capsular contracture. 

A comprehensive long-term study shows that after eight years in the body, the capsular fibrosis rate of micropolyurethane foam implants is 15% lower than that of textured implants and 30% lower than that of smooth-walled implants (1). Recent studies show a reduction in risk not only in primary augmentation, but also in the case of a two-stage expander-implant reconstruction, even with radiation (2)

(1) Handel, 2006

(2) Pompei, Stefano, et al: Polyurethane Implants in 2-Stage Breast Reconstruction: 9-Year Clinical Experience. Aesthetic Surgery Journal, Volume 37, Issue 2, 1 February 2017, Pages 171-176,

Our materials


We refer to the surface of our implants with standard texturing as POLYtxt®. It is slightly rougher (average height 200-300 μm, average diameter 100-400 μm) and thus allows adhesion to the tissue. This surface has been proven for many decades and has been shown to reduce the risk of capsular contracture. 

MESMO® sensitive 

Beside the standard texturing POLYtxt®, we offer a finer microtexturing called MESMO® sensitive. 


The first silicone breast implants had a smooth surface. This is still used today. At POLYTECH this surface is called POLYsmoooth ™.