Our facial implants

Nothing defines our appearance as much as our face. It is our most dominant feature and determines how we are perceived. It shows not only if we are happy or sad but also often what we think. At the same time, people who are dissatisfied with their face can hardly hide it. With facial implants, the face can be changed according to the patient's personal ideal of beauty, and it can compensate for congenital or accidental characteristics.

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Permanent results with facial implants

Facial implants make it possible to harmonise the contours of the face, to emphasize certain parts and, unlike many other methods, to achieve lasting results. That's why POLYTECH offers a variety of facial implants for individual needs and desires - such as chin implants, nose bridge implants or cheekbone implants.

We do not manufacture our facial implants ourselves but have been working with a trusted partner for many years. They consist of solid, smooth silicone elastomer throughout. Thus, they differ from soft tissue implants in that they do not simulate muscle or connective tissue. The bones are reconstructed naturally.