Easter Greetings from POLYTECH

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2020-04-08

To our POLYTECH global teams, partners and valued customers, 

The last weeks and months have been unprecedented in our history. We have faced many challenges - globally, on a country level, locally and as families and individuals. There is no rulebook for what we are facing. We need to look to each other and within ourselves for answers and comfort.  

I have spent much of the last month talking with people all over the world. Naturally there has been some uncertainty and fear in some of these conversations, there has also been humanity, creativity and even some humour.

POLYTECH is a truly global family. I understand that not everyone is celebrating Easter and where we do, this year our celebrations are looking a little different. I believe there are some things that bind us all together and there are certain beliefs that we can all unite behind at this time. Easter for us is a time for hope, for rebirth and for family.    

Many of our POLYTECH family will take some time off in the coming days - to these people I wish you a wonderful holiday. Please take the time to look after yourself and your loved ones. Others will be working hard to support our business and to plan for our future - to these people you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude. We are planning many wonderful initiatives to help our global partners and surgeons recover quickly from this situation. Now is not the time to say more about these - that time will come.   

Whatever you do over the coming days and weeks I urge you to take some time out to appreciate the simple but important things in life. We have been tested by this crisis. I firmly believe we will come through this as more thoughtful, humble and appreciative people.

Warmest regards,
Wolfgang Steimel, CEO