As unique as you are. 

B-Lite® - the world’s first and only lightweight implants

Choosing to have breast augmentation is a major decision and you will have questions. 

What implants are right for me?

How will my breasts look and feel? 

With B-Lite® Lightweight implants we believe we have made answering these questions a little easier. 

Less weight = Less stretch

What are B-Lite® lightweight implants?

B-Lite® is the first true innovation in breast implant technology in over 30 years. A unique combination of clinically proven materials that reduce the weight of a breast implant without reducing the volume or size.

The lightness is possible by using patented technology combining high purity microspheres bonded seamlessly with the latest generation highly cohesive medical grade silicone gel.

The B-Lite® lightweight implants were invented by Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain, having witnessed the effects of gravity on breast tissue in thousands of women.


Benefits of the B-Lite® implants for you

  • Less weight = less stretch of the breast tissue over time so less sagging  
  • Patients report reduced post-operative pain5
  • Patients report a faster return to normal activities5 
  • Less weight means greater daily comfort
  • The implants are designed to provide better diagnostic images (e.g. in mammography)

Lightness you can feel


Trust and confidence 

POLYTECH implants are available in over 80 countries worldwide and have been chosen by surgeons for hundreds of thousands of their satisfied3 patients.

Patient satisfaction

  • 96% of patients reported that their breasts had a soft & natural feel with B-Lite® implants4

  • 95% of surgeons were very satisfied or satisfied with the aesthetic result achieved with B-Lite® implants4

  • 95% of surgeons judged their patients were very satisfied or satisfied overall with B-Lite®4

Plastic surgeon Dr. Jacky Govrin-Yehudain is the inventor of the B-Lite® lightweight breast implant.


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