POLYTECH Reveals New Brand Identity At ISAPS Congress

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2018-11-01

Breast Aesthetics Company POLYTECH Reveals New Brand Identity At ISAPS Congress, Focusing On Translating Quality Standards Into A Tangible Experience

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH launches its new brand image at the ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons) Congress this weekend in Miami, setting the course for international expansion of its market position as an innovation leader. The new branding to be officially launched at the POLYTECH booth, featuring further activities of augmented reality experience and the POLYTECH Lunch Symposium.

Innovation leader on course for international growth

The new branding reflects the company’s growth strategy, expanding its global footprint and bringing Quality, Innovation and Commitment to surgeons and patients worldwide. With the largest breast implant portfolio on the market, in a variety of shapes, sizes and surfaces, POLYTECH caters to the specific preferences and needs of surgeons and patients, in both the aesthetic and reconstructive fields. Other products by the company include gluteal and body contouring implants.

POLYTECH’s merger with G&G Biotechnology in July 2018, further strengthened the company’s product portfolio with the innovative B-Lite®, the first and only Lightweight Breast Implants in the world. Up to 30% lighter than traditional breast implants, B-Lite® implants combine well known and clinically proven materials in an innovative way to support natural fullness, feel and strength without the burden of extra weight.

Quality for the benefit of patients

“Our new tagline ‘Quality you can feel’ reflects the company culture, passion and commitment to quality in all that we do”, stated Wolfgang Steimel, Polytech’s CEO, and added: “With the largest breast implant portfolio on the market, and now with the most innovative breast implant B-Lite®, we are committed to providing added value to our partners, customers and patients, with exceptional product quality and outstanding service. This innovation will be the perfect opportunity for POLYTECH to enter the US market.”

“POLYTECH is in a unique position to bring its partners the most innovative products and a true commitment to quality, with the added value of financial stability. The new branding reflects the company’s rising market position and its strategic decision to grow” concluded Tom Alzin, Managing Director, DBAG and POLYTECH Board member.

Expansion of digital corporate channels

The rebranding campaign focuses on the new website and the expansion of social media channels, optimizing our reach and engagement with partners, surgeons and patients. With over 280,000 social followers across the globe, POLYTECH is a leader in digital communication in the field of breast surgery.

The new website offers a clean, modern and mobile-responsive design, with easy navigation and helpful tools for partners, surgeons and patients.

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