POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics merges with G&G Biotechnology

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2018-07-05

Germany’s only manufacturer of breast implants continues expansion: The German MedTech company’s goal is to incorporate the innovative G&G products in their portfolio and thus strengthen their position in the international market

Dieburg, July 5th 2018. POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics as one of the internationally leading MedTech companies features more than 30 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and marketing silicone breast implants. All soft-tissue implants in their portfolio are manufactured exclusively at the company’s headquarters in Germany and sold in over 75 countries worldwide.

Today, the German company announced the stock-swap merger with G&G Biotechnology, founded in 2005. G&G designed the world’s first and only lightweight breast implant - the BLite®, in response to a significant yet unmet clinical need - impact of gravity on the reconstructed or augmented breast. B-Lite® is the most innovative product that the breastimplant market has seen in more than 30 years. The B-Lite® implants are up to 30% lighter than customary implants by using a technology developed for NASA. B-Lite® implants are being sold in over 30 countries.

POLYTECH and G&G had formed a strategic alliance from the early stages; since then, POLYTECH has been responsible for the manufacturing and quality assurance of the B-Lite® implants at their production site in Germany. “In the years of our cooperation, our two companies tested the ability to work together and created a culture of trust. Now, the merger is the next logical step to boost the competitiveness of both companies in the long run. Joining forces increases our competitive strength, broadens the product offering and innovation pipeline and brings real value to patients and surgeons all together setting the stage for becoming the market leader in the plastic surgery market”, explains Wolfgang Steimel, CEO of POLYTECH.

Polytech offers women and surgeons the widest range of breast implants worldwide with over 2,000 varieties to choose from. “Merging with G&G adds the benefits of reduced weight to the rich portfolio of solutions we offer. The goal is to continue expanding our leading position in Europe on an international level by continuously advancing and optimizing the design of our products, providing surgeons with options and increasing patient satisfaction,” Steimel expounds.

A pioneer of product diversity and patient satisfaction

B-Lite® breast implants are substantially lighter than all other implants. The advantages are clear: Reducing the implant weight puts less stress on the breast tissues while achieving the desired shape and size. This means an improvement in everyday comfort carrying less weight, and an increased longevity of the surgical outcome. B-Lite® implants are the perfect solution for the confident, active lifestyle and desire for natural fullness of women around the globe.

“With medical devices made in Germany, we want to improve the quality of life for women who choose our implants. Expanding our product portfolio with the B-Lite® implants, we consolidate our reputation as a pioneer in terms of product diversity and patient satisfaction”, concludes Steimel.

More on B-Lite®

The idea of the lightweight breast implants was conceived by Dr. Jacky Govrin, a leading plastic surgeon with vast experience in breast surgery. In 2005, together with his brother, Biomedical Engineer Dael Govreen-Segal, they founded G&G Biotechnology. Rigorous quality requirements made POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics the natural partner for bringing the innovation to the market. Since the implants’ admission to the market in 2013, they have been used in aesthetic and reconstructive plastic surgery.

The products are up to 30% lighter than all other breast implants. Their decreased weight is obtained by using the patented B-Lite gel, a cohesive, medical-grade, microsphere enhanced silicone gel. The spheres are inert, ultrapure, hollow, biocompatible microscopic orbs, which NASA uses widely as a light but robust filler material. Moreover, the implants have proven their value in clinical applications and have been approved for long-term human implantation. Reducing the weight lessens the stress of the breast’s soft tissue and helps to create long-lasting results in shape and appearance of the breasts. B-Lite® implants are manufactured by POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics at their production facilities in Germany.

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics at a glance

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH was established in 1986 in Dieburg (Germany) and today belongs to the internationally leading companies involved in developing and producing silicone implants. The company's focus is on breast implants, as used in reconstructive plastic surgery as well as in aesthetic plastic surgery. POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics is the only German manufacturer of soft-tissue implants. All products are exclusively developed and manufactured in state of the art facilities adhering to strict national and international standards at the company headquarters in Dieburg. Nowadays, POLYTECH has more than 250 employees and distributes in more than 75 countries all over the world.