Plastic Surgery and the Holiday Season

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2019-12-16

Whether spent in a snowy environment, making ‘snow angels’ and ice skating, or in sunny climates with sea and surf, the Holiday Season is usually associated with family, relaxation and gathering with friends and loved ones.

But how does the Holiday Season look like in a Plastic Surgery clinic? We had the opportunity to interview several leading plastic surgeons, for their perspective on this special time of year.


“The demand for aesthetic procedures increases considerably before the end of the year”

“We provide our patients with quality and personal treatments throughout the year, which is one reason why our patients return to us for any additional aesthetic procedure. However, in the pre-Christmas period we have our hands full, as the demand for aesthetic procedures increases considerably before the end of the year”, states Dr. med. Holger Osthus from Böblingen, Germany.

“As patients have the opportunity to take some time off, there is a general preference to have surgery at this time, from breast-aesthetic procedures, such as breast augmentation and breast lift, to body procedures, liposuction, facial surgery and more. 

The cold season has another advantage when recuperating from procedures that require wearing compression garments (for example after tightening operations), which may be more comfortable than in the warmer half of the year.”


“Every treatment and operation should be well planned”

“In our clinic it is a stressful period, as many patients wish to have their procedures in time for the new year.” Stated Dr. Thomas Rappl from Graz, Austria.

“For the most part, operations that require compression treatment, such as liposuction are popular. Breast augmentations are also increasingly in demand during the pre-Christmas period.

Every treatment and operation should be well planned. For some patients the ski season is a consideration. In most cases, a postoperative sport-free time should be scheduled. For family and social gatherings, a week post-op can be sufficient recuperating time in most cases.”

“The last week before Christmas is our busiest year-round operation time”

“December, and especially the time before Christmas, is always intense in aesthetic clinics. The last week before Christmas is our busiest year-round operation time.” Stated Dr. Rolf Bartsch from Wien, Austria.

“Especially for our breast-surgery patients, as many choose to take time off during this season, it is our busiest time for procedures such as augmentation or breast-lift.

Christmas and the days after are a great opportunity for family time. Therefore, we do not recommend planning operations directly on the day before Christmas so that the holidays can really be enjoyed in peace.”

“All our procedures are scheduled way in advance”

“In our clinic we see little seasonality and the upcoming holiday season allows my team and myself to take some time off”, stated Dr. med. Nikolaus Raab from Munich, Germany.

“We specialize in breast aesthetics and in body contouring procedures, following our patients well-considered desire to enhance their appearance – and all our procedures are scheduled way in advance. 

The clinic’s members-club provides information and support on how to promote healthy lifestyle before and after surgery – also during the holidays. Although no surgeries are performed during this time, we are of course always responsive to our patients.”

Plastic Surgery and Holiday Gifts – Should there be a connection?

The digital media and social channels are full of special offers for aesthetic procedures during this season. All of the surgeons we interviewed were unanimous in their opinion that patients should be extremely cautious and research well in advance before undergoing any aesthetic procedure. They all states that patient safety should always come first. 


Plastic surgery at any season – a personal choice

Plastic surgery is a personal choice and should be considered well in advance. Whether you choose to take advantage of the holiday season to enhance your appearance, or at any other time, it is important to consult a certified plastic surgeon and ensure you understand the procedure, possible risks and expected outcome. You can learn more about preparing in advance here.