Avoiding information overload: What should I know about breast surgery and how to identify a good source of information?

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2020-12-02

We are living exciting times for aesthetic consumers: there is a wide variety of options for consideration per the personal aesthetic preferences of each patient. However, such variety of choices can feel overwhelming when attempting to filter and find the relevant information. 

So how can you, as a patient, identify what information is relevant?

First thing’s first: Choose your surgeon.

The first thing you should consider is to choose a reputable surgeon. She or he will be able to guide you through the basics. During your consultation you will be asked your aesthetic preferences and what type of result you are looking to achieve.

Having confidence in your chosen surgeon is an excellent way to minimize stress and information overload. If you are not comfortable with the surgeon you visited for a first consultation, you can seek a second opinion. You should feel safe, heard, and receive reasonable and comprehensive answers to your questions and concerns.

Inform yourself about breast implants

Once you have selected a surgeon and reviewed your options, you should get to know the brand, the characteristics of the chosen implant, and the safety behind it. 

You can ask your surgeon for brochures and visit the website. The more you know about your implant, the safer you will feel. 

If after informing yourself you feel that breast surgery with implants is not a good fit for you, consult your surgeon on the other options available

Online information, helpful or not?

Online information is a powerful resource, but it can also create a sense of information overload. You can read other patient’s stories, online reviews of your surgeon, or recovery tips. Try to avoid unknown or dubious sources, which may promote inaccurate information. 

Having doubts? Consult your surgeon!

Remember: what works for one patient might not be recommended for you. Before making a decision, discuss with your surgeon the information you gathered online. She or he are the qualified professionals to consider your body characteristics, your health condition, and your preferences.

Getting ready for the big day

Before a plastic surgery procedure, many feelings can arise. Be confident in the research you have done and in the surgeon you have chosen. Now it’s time to inform yourself about pre- and post-operative guidelines, click here to learn more!