The POLYTECH story - 35 years of ‘Quality you can feel’

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2021-12-06

In 2021 POLYTECH celebrated its 35th anniversary. 

Now an international leader in breast aesthetics, with a global footprint in over 80 countries, POLYTECH was founded in 1986 in Dieburg, Germany, and since then has been the only German manufacturer of silicone implants.

Since 1995, POLYTECH products have been allowed to bear the CE mark. In 2003, POLYTECH was the first company in the world to receive the Class III certification for breast implants. We take pride in our ‘Made in Germany’ legacy and are committed to keeping our products high quality, thoroughly tested and safe. 

Diversity of implant choice

Our patient diversity is why we offer such a wide range of implants. Catering to the specific needs of patients, our surgeons can choose from over 2,000 variants of high-quality breast implants, buttock and calf implants, and a range of pectoral and testicular implants. 

POLYTECH produces implants in different shapes and in a range of textures. We offer smooth (POLYsmooothTM), fine-microtextured (MESMO®) and microtextured (POLYtxt®) implants, as well as our Microthane® (micro-polyurethane foam covered) implants. 

True to our innovative spirit, in 2018 we reached a significant milestone with the merger with G&G Biotechnology, expanding our portfolio with B-Lite®, the world’s first and only   lightweight breast implants. Even before the acquisition, POLYTECH was involved in their development, and B-Lite® implants have been manufactured in Dieburg since the very beginning.

Committed to education

Providing educational content to patients is something we are very passionate about. This informative content accompanies patients throughout their aesthetic journey, from the early stages of consideration and research and up to post-surgical aftercare and general health with implants.

This year we launched a comprehensive patient website with educational content on both aesthetic and reconstructive procedures, and with fresh informative content available on our blog. 
Since 2007 POLYTECH is engaging with stakeholders and followers on the different social media channels. Today, with the largest social media community in breast aesthetics, POLYTECH engages with over 700,000 followers daily. 

Safety and confidence

POLYTECH’s IMPLANTS OF EXCELLENCE programme was developed to increase patient satisfaction and confidence when choosing POLYTECH implants, offering an additional service of supply of replacement implant in specific cases. Immediately after the surgery patients are prompted to register for the warranty programme.

Through the programme’s annual survey, we document the performance of the POLYTECH implants since 2007. 

So what our patients think*

  • 94% of patients are very satisfied or satisfied with their results
  • 97% say their quality of life has improved or remained stable
  • 90% state that their breasts feel natural and soft 


*Source: POLYTECH 2009/2019 accumulative survey data