Supporting the patient journey: a snapshot of POLYTECH’s social media community

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2023-03-21

As a global leader in breast aesthetics, we have been supporting patients on their journey to feel their best for over 35 years.

We believe that all patients should have access to educational information that can help them make the best decisions regarding their health and wellness. As people around the world utilise social media as a source for educational information, we have used our own channels to support the patient journey with relevant information on breast implants, body-contouring implants and the available options for breast augmentation, breast reconstruction, lipofilling and more. 

The largest community in breast aesthetics

Over the course of the last 10 years, POLYTECH has created a community of more than 850.000 followers across different social media channels and languages, the largest community in the breast aesthetics industry!

Our followers come from all around the world and can benefit from our posts to educate themselves on topics from breast and body implant types to surgery options and aftercare tips.

We have posted more than 33 thousand posts to date, gathering more than 125 million views and millions of interactions. Our team also responds to thousands of patient questions and inquiries every year.


Committed to education

The patient journey can be a challenging one, especially during the initial phase of learning and research, but social media has enabled easier access to information. At POLYTECH we are committed to utilising social media to support the patient journey and make the learning curve more accessible and much easier.

We take our commitment to patient education very seriously. Our followers can rest assured that the content is accurate, relevant and appropriate for patients. As a medical device manufacturer, we adhere to the applicable regulatory and legal requirements: all our content (web and social media) is created in-house, relying on evidence based clinical data and is subjected to several quality, regulatory and legal reviews before being approved and posted.



Our blog is a great tool where we complement and expand the information shared in our social media channels. With our monthly articles, we inform patients about diverse topics regarding their surgery and options.

We cover themes such as: 

And many more!

We believe that knowledge is power, and we always strive to provide patients with up-to-date and reliable information. We hope our blog will help you feel more confident about your decisions on surgery and make the whole process a lot easier!

Want to join us?

Our social media channels are a great platform to learn and engage with others from our community. We are here to listen, follow us and get in touch! 

You can join our community here:

Final note:

When you are looking for information about surgical procedures, it is important to remember that not all content is created equal. While we take pride in the fact that our content is carefully curated and based on reliable sources, every patient is different. What works for one person might not work for someone else. Always cross-check any information with your surgeon and follow your surgeon’s counsel regarding what will work best for you.