Informative and educational content – the NEW POLYTECH website is here!

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2021-08-03

As a global leader in Breast Aesthetics, we are committed to patient education, providing informative and educational content on the various topics of interest for our patient community.
With 35 years’ experience in the aesthetic industry, we have gathered extensive knowledge on the information patients seek online and when browsing through our website. The new patient website focuses on these topics, with accurate and informative content.
To facilitate a smooth navigation, we have separated the site tree (between patient and surgeon content), creating a whole website dedicated just to patients.

What information is available for you:

  • Breast augmentation, things to consider before and towards the surgery, as well as post-surgical aftercare, see more in the “My Breast Surgery” section
  • Breast reconstruction, the alternatives and methods, considerations, and options, see more in the “Breast Reconstruction” section
  • Warranty, information on our Implants of Excellence programme, advantages, terms, and registration process (including direct link to IoE registration), see the “Warranty” page
  • FAQs – a new section for frequently asked questions, enabling you to filter the questions by the category you are interested in, see the “FAQs” section
  • Clinic finder – search for a surgeon near you, service is available in certain countries only, go to “Locate a surgeon” 

Our blog is the place where you can find additional information about many of the topics patients ask us about. Follow our blog regularly!

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