Gluteal Augmentation

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2019-04-04

Gluteal or Buttock enhancement is one of the fastest growing cosmetic procedures1, and the 3rd most common body-shaping cosmetic surgery2. Nowadays, men and women of all ages and body types seek gluteal augmentation to improve the form of a sagging, flat, or square glutes. Patients who lost significant amount of weight (through extreme diet or bariatric surgery), often opt in for cosmetic surgery to compensate for lose skin and sagging appearance, and may combine buttock enhancement. Interestingly, buttock enhancement is more common for people in their 40’s3.

To help you achieve your desired physique, POLYTECH produces gluteal implants in a variety of sizes with a round or elliptical shape. This allows you to work with your surgeon to find the buttock implant that best suits your body.

What are Gluteal / Buttock implants made of?

The POLYTECH buttock implants are filled with a strongly cross-linked, stable silicone gel, and have a particularly strong shell. This enables the buttock implants to withstand heavy loads and at the same time allow for comfortable support.

Is it for me?

If one or more of the following statements apply to you, you may benefit from this type of procedure:

  • I feel my glutes are too small for my body, making my body shape uneven.
  • My glutes are flat, square or sagging, and I would like them to have a more beautiful shape.
  • I’ve lost all my derriere’s shape due to weight loss.
  • I don’t feel confident in swimwear or clothes in general.
  • I’ve tried to improve the shape of my glutes through exercise, but I can’t get the shape I want.
  • I feel self-conscious about my glutes, and this has affected my life and my self-esteem.

How is a gluteal augmentation performed?

The most frequent methods for enlarging and reshaping the glutes are fat grafting (using the patient fat tissue) and gluteal implants. In this article, we will focus on gluteal augmentation with gluteal implants.

With this procedure, a POLYTECH gluteal implant is usually placed through an incision hidden inside the natural crease of the glutes. Your surgeon will inform you whether this, or another type of incision are used.

After that, the POLYTECH implant is positioned in a pocket below the large gluteal muscle and above the pelvic bone.

Lastly, incisions are closed, and drains are inserted.

You will need to wear a compression garment and sleep/seat differently after your procedure. Your surgeon will inform you thoroughly. Follow her or his instructions for a safe and comfortable recovery!

We hope that this article helped you know better this procedure so that you can make an informed decision. Make sure to visit our website and follow us on social media for more information on gluteal augmentations!