Breast implants and mammograms

POLYTECH Health & Aesthetics GmbH 2019-04-15

All women - especially from a certain age - should undergo periodic mammograms to monitor their breasts’ health, this includes women with breast implants.

However, for woman with breast implants the same question always arises: do the implants compromise the diagnosis?

The general answer is no: you can still have mammograms if you have breast implants. However, some special guidelines are recommended:

  • Ask your physician to refer you to a clinic where radiologists have experience in performing and interpreting mammograms of women with breast implants.
  • Notify the clinic that you have breast implants.
  • Notify the technician that you have breast implants prior to the mammogram.
  • Call your surgeon if you notice any lingering discomfort after your mammogram, your surgeon may want to check that your implants remain intact. Ruptures are very rare, but no discomfort should be ignored.


For your general knowledge - how are mammograms performed in women with breast implants?


In woman with breast implants, a technique called the Eklund technique is performed, which consists of slightly pulling the mammary gland forward to be able to separate the pectoral muscle from the implant.

The images taken with this technique are called implant displacement (ID) views. Women with natural breast tissue usually have 4 images performed, while women with breast implants usually have between 4 and 8.

Implant displacement views are harder to perform and can be more uncomfortable to some women, for that reason it is very important that you find a well-trained professional in this technique.

Can you perform mammogram with any type of POLYTECH breast implants?

Yes. You can have mammograms with all our breast implants. We perform several tests to ensure all our implants can undergo stress safely.

Our B-Lite® implants provide an additional benefit. The B-Lite® gel is more transparent under mammography than normal silicone gel, allowing more of the breast to be viewed than with regular silicone implants.1


Important to know: Regardless of which type of implant you have, implant displacement views are clearer in women whose implants are placed underneath (behind) the chest muscles.

If this is a particular concern for you, for example due to a family history of breast cancer, we encourage you to discuss your options openly with your surgeon before your augmentation procedure. It is important that your surgeon will be fully aware of your preferences and concerns, and will be able to recommend the most appropriate technique and breast implant type for you.

We hope that this article helped you make more informed choices. Remember that you can visit our website and follow us on social media for more information on breast augmentation and breast cancer screening!


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